17 November 2016

Open for Sale, SMS Broadcasting Tool for Crisis Management in Indonesia

AsiaQuest Indonesia has started selling “SOKUHOU”, a service that can distribute important information about emergency situation to bulk recipients simultaneously via SMS. SOKUHOU is part of Kintone cloud application developed and operated by a Japanese tech company, Cybozu. Click here for further information. We will publish them in our web, please let me know if you have any feedback.

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9 august 2016

Asia Quest Malaysia launched "WEB Weekly MTown"

Asia Quest Malaysia (AsiaQuest Internet Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.) launched "WEB Weekly MTown" associating with Mega Global Media Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. known as the publisher of weekly free magazine "MTown".

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20 may 2016

Partner of Indonesia Week 2016

Partner of Indonesia Week 2016 Osaka Indonesia Week announced that our Japan Travel Website ( became a their media partner. We provide useful Japan travel info to Indonesian attendees of the event.

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