To actively seize opportunities and grow
with the ever changing Asia.


AsiaQuest Indonesia

"AsiaQuest Indonesia was established in 2012 in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. As one of the most economic growing countries, we are growing together with Indonesia by using our IT/Internet knowledge. Furthermore, we want to contribute to the growth and enrichment of Indonesia.

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Company Profile

PT. AQ Business Consulting Indonesia

September, 2012

Head Office
SPININDO Building 3rd Floor
Jl. Wahid Hasyim No.76 Jakarta Pusat
Jakarta 10340 INDONESIA
021-392-5516 [email protected]

AsiaQuest Co.,Ltd


Digital Marketing, WEB Development,
Mobile Solution, E-Commerce, SEO

Development Center
Perumahaan Green Garden No. C19
Kel. Ngestiharjo, Kec. Kasihan
Kab. Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
0274-517-165 [email protected]

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What Our Users Say

We've launched medical related services in Indonesia. I always ask AQI to support to plan and develop WEB area. Just by the description of the business, we received a prompt proposal of WEB and system development, so we could focus on business development.

Mr. Takuma Kibayashi
PT. SMS Indonesia

We've received kind supports about WEB Services and WEB System in Indonesia. AQI's Supports are very flexible and widely covering, from designing to complex system development. We're now thinking about launching new service outside Indonesia. Let's go next with us.

Mr. Takashi Matsuura
PT. Interspace Indonesia